Founder's Message
Austin can never become the shining city on the hill (or a world-class city) If We Fail To Address Racism.
The connections that racism severs can be
knitted back together.
The wounds and injustice that racism fosters can be healed.

But it will take all of us – to cultivate connections based on shared humanity.

We at Austin Health Commons invite you to join us in our commitment to this important work.

we want austin to become

A healthy, healed community

A city in which racism is no longer an obstacle to the health, education, wealth, or life span of any citizen.


In 2016, Austin Health Commons, a 501c3 nonprofit organization, launched a movement to transform the culture of health and health care. We are reclaiming a paradigm for health and healing where we actualize racial equity so that all people can live well and thrive. We call it Conscious Health and Health Care. We are leading with racial healing in our community.
Using the Truth, Racial Healing and Transformation methodology we are able to develop a deeper understanding of our shared humanity by telling our stories in small group circles. When we leave the circle, we leave in a different relationship – both with ourselves and with others – than when we came.

“A racial healing circle is not just a conversation, and it is more than just a safe space. It is a commitment to acknowledging that unconscious bias that lives in all of us. It is the spiritual work of affirming and loving ourselves.”

Our City Is At A Critical Point

 Austin Health Commons is stewarding a powerful movement to promote our capacity to heal as individuals and as a community. Racial healing is a slow, gentle and careful process. It’s about preparing our community as a whole to have authentic and transformative discussions about a believed hierarchy in human value, largely based on race.

Those discussions help build a stronger community, one that is more aware, owns our past, and can transform its future. Through racial healing, we cultivate new and shared understandings of the realities in which we live, enabling us to bring about change in our own spheres of influence.

Please join us on this journey.


Austin Health Commons Co-Founder

Amina Haji, M.D.

Amina Haji, M.D., has practiced family medicine and urgent care in Texas and Iowa since 2004. Her medical and activist roots come from her family, also physicians, who established a free medical clinic in Bryan, Texas, that cared for ethnically and economically diverse families for 40 years.
Dr. Haji took the road less traveled to become a family physician. After graduation from Pomona College, she worked as a union organizer, learned West African dance, and spent a year in India and South Africa. Dr. Haji found herself drawn to the healing aspects of medicine and went on to earn her medical degree from Texas A&M University. She is Board-Certified in Family Medicine and focuses on the use of integrative medicine, a form of medical therapy that combines practices and treatments from alternative medicine with conventional medicine.
Through Austin Health Commons, Dr. Haji is ready to implement her dream: To provide high quality, holistic medical services to patients of all cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds.

About Austin Health Commons

Formed in 2016 to serve as a steward of Conscious Health and Health Care, Austin Health Commons is a 501 c3 non-profit community organization working to build a new way for our community to achieve health through community ownership of health and health care; root cause community healing; and access to holistic health care for all. 

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